Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A nostalgic look at my mother's jewelry

My mother is part Native American and part Romani Gypsy (some Irish and Slavic in there as well but let's not ruin the romance) and both cultures had a thing for over sized colored jewelry...my mother and her sisters especially included circa the `1980's. Anyhow, as a little girl I used to look at pieces such as these as a symbol of adulthood because my entire family wore the big gaudy silver eagles and over sized stones. I remember looking at my aunt's finger that had swollen past the point of comfort around her large silver turquoise ring (that I now own) and she wore it with such pride. In those day's I was certain I would grow up into a ballerina and dance far far away from my poorly dressed and accessorized family although now as an adult (or at least cleverly disguised as one) I would squeeze out every last childhood tear all over again just to go back and play in these womens closets and jewelry boxes. My mother and aunts prefer more modest jewelry these days although staying true to there native roots, and somehow I find myself pining over days of fashion lost. I can not get enough of the handmade American turquoise jewelry. I will be taking Julien to some of the old reservations of the southwest this summer to buy jewelry and art and we should be able to bring enough back to France to share. It's a must have for every summer wardrobe.

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