Sunday, December 12, 2010

Wouldn't you blow 3 Stones if you could?

Soo, If Stevie Nicks is my ultimate girl crush, Anita Pallenberg would rate as the girl I would most wish to meet up with in the powder room. This former fling of Mick Jagger via Keith Richards via Brian Jones has a wardrobe I would sell my child for (well, maybe my brother's child,,,I would pick one he doesn't use frequently). Regardless, inspiration worthy indeed.


Bon, si Stevie Nicks est mon vrai coup de foudre au féminin, Anita Pallenberg serait plus la fille que j'aimerai rencontrer au détour d'un repoudrage de nez. Cet ancien flirt de Mick Jagger via Keith Richards via Brian Jones a une garde robe pour laquelle je vendrais ma progéniture (ok, peut être celle de mon frère....). Quoi qu'il en soit, ces images sont une source d'inspiration.


  1. Anita est si belle! J'aime votre blog! New follower :)

    xo Emily

  2. i luuuve your blog. Your life sounds amazing

  3. if i could wear her clothes while doing so then yes! haha she is a goddess, and her wardrobe is my dream. love your blog. and thank you for your sweet comment!!

    ashley <3